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Why Clutchpoint

Clutchpoint offers a superior working environment, progressive career path, and strong commitment to your professional development. We all benefit from keeping our consultants' skills up-to-date with the latest technologies and business changes.

At Clutchpoint, you are in the company of experts. The collective expertise of our staff covers every aspect of systems development. The knowledge of these experts is at your disposal when you join Clutchpoint. No Clutchpoint consultants is ever "hung out to dry" at a customer site. We support you every step of the way. And each of our consultants has the experience of the entire Clutchpoint team to draw upon to resolve any particular problem. This close communication puts our entire organization in a unique position to quickly and effectively respond to any situation.

Clutchpoint invests in developing tools and methodologies that enhance our consultants' abilities to get results on the job. We build strong relationships with the vendors of the tools we support. This gives our consultants the most current information on the direction and capabilities of the industry's most popular tools. It lets us exchange lessons learned and success stories with these firms, thereby expanding the knowledge pool to the benefit of all of our customers. Clutchpoint also offers opportunities for you to grow into areas outside your core expertise.


CLUTCHPOINT is a well experienced Software Development and IT Consulting firm with offices in Pensylvania, Virginia. Our mission is to partner with our clients who seek strategic talent and to assist those candidates looking for their next career opportunity. With over 15 yrs experience in the field, we feel that our value add is our commitment to our clients and our passion to make the recruiting experience a positive one. We look forward to working with you.

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