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Today's successful strategic business initiatives require the entire enterprise to work together - from back-end transaction processing to front-end customer service. They also require integration of business processes across corporate boundaries-within and outside the enterprise-as well as up-to-the-second visibility and control of the business. Silos and fragmentation cost organizations market-share and increase costs.

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Application integration transforms entire business systems by improving the efficiency of existing order management, manufacturing, purchasing, shipping and receiving, administrative, human resource, and financial systems. Application integration increases employee productivity and morale by enabling faster access to information. It eliminates process inefficiencies while providing faster cycle times. Application integration enables managers to adapt business processes on-the-fly – even after a process has begun – in response to new business conditions. It encourages continuous process improvement by pinpointing problem areas and measuring long-term trends. Application integration capabilities transform customer interactions through call centers and customer care centers. And application integration can dramatically improve interactions between customer and supplier, deliver tangible cost reductions, and develop new channels-to-market products and services. Application integration solutions make your customers more accessible. Application integration solutions help you reach regulatory compliance in areas such as HIPAA. Application integration solutions enable you to understand your customer completely - and let them know that you in fact do. It makes you customer-centric.

Your Partner for Enterprise Application & B2B Integration

Through our Enterprise Application & B2B Integration initiative, Clutchpoint provides everything you need to achieve success. Vendor-independent process beginning with strategic analysis and ending with post-implementation support:

  • Strategic Analysis – Business Driver Analysis, Business Process
  • Assessment, Application Portfolio Study, existing Technical Architecture Review
  • Program Development, Project Scoping and Project Planning
  • System Planning - Business Process Modeling, Application Integration Model
  • Technical Architecture, Tool Evaluation, and High Level Design
  • Software and Hardware Installation
  • System Detailed Design and Testing
  • System Quality Assurance and Rollout
  • Post-implementation Support

Our extensive experience in information technology works in combination with our flexible methodology to provide customized solutions that take into account your industry requirements and influences, operating environments, business processes and geography.

By effectively blending information-age vision and innovative business process design with the latest enabling technologies, we help our clients reach new heights in customer loyalty, service and profitability.