Customer Care Solution

Clutchpoint’ Customer Care Solution provides an enterprise-wide alignment of the customer contact processes, organization and technology. We create applications that enables integrated, front-line customer service to increase customer loyalty while reducing operating costs. Technology integration – using data warehousing and other enabling technologies – support implementation of these processes.

A key strategic element of Clutchpoint’ Customer Care Solution is our Customer Care Analytics – a comprehensive suite of web-based analytics that help customer contact center managers and executives analyze and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer contact centers. This analytics suite is the result of practical lessons learned and valuable experiences gained helping companies improve their operational Customer Relationship Management (CRM) processes and practices. As well as redesigning and aligning business processes to increase customer loyalty, and reorganizing your front-line structures and infrastructures to reduce operating costs, our team adapts human resource management processes to improve customer care. We also use technology and web-enabled access of customer and target information to enhance customer call center activities and cross-selling activities.

Customer Care Diagnostic is our detailed assessment, supported by a comprehensive methodology, of the alignment, integration, utilization and impact of customer care processes, practices, capabilities and metrics. The diagnostic allows you to identify opportunities for improvement, develop solutions based on industry best practices, and create customer care distinctions that generate real business value. The Customer Care Diagnostic provides an objective assessment of your customer contact center, conducted through a joint partnership of employees, customers and process owners.

We assess:

  • Call, agent, and case analysis
  • Business processes
  • Organization
  • Customer feedback
  • Technology capabilities

Clutchpoint recognizes the need to enhance customer front-line activities to help an organization increase customer retention, and therefore increase revenues and profitability. We accomplish this by providing you the analytical capability and best practices to measure various metrics within your customer contact center.

“While most companies focus first on automating customer contact through operational CRM software, a CRM strategy will not succeed long term if it does not include an analytical component. Without analytics, the company will not be able to make sense of and act upon the data it is collecting through the operational system.”





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