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We are in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced business environment. Organizations have become decentralized, product/service life cycles have shortened, and the competitive environment is now viewed globally. In such an environment, competitive advantage depends on the ability to cut costs, increase revenue, and uncover hidden efficiencies. It requires information that is typically spread across multiple systems, departments, and business units. To support effective decision-making in your organization, you require timely, accurate information about your business, your products, your customers, and your markets.

One of the greatest assets of an organization is the data it already owns – but has yet to fully exploit. According to a study conducted by IBM, a typical company utilizes only 2% to 4% of data stored in OLTP, ERP, CRM, and various other systems. Transforming that data into information is key to transforming your business into a competitive force in a dynamic marketplace. Only with the right information in the hands of the right people at the right time can you keep pace in today’s environment.

Your Partner for Data Warehousing and Enterprise Business Intelligence

Our data warehousing services are business-driven, end-user-oriented, and adaptive to change. Clutchpoint consultants work with your team to eliminate information silos and determine key business opportunities. We implement the data warehouse as the foundation for your business intelligence environment, supporting specific business process change or performance measurement initiatives. Whether your needs point to an Enterprise Data Warehouse or a subject Data Mart, you can count on our multi-skilled experienced consultants to provide in-depth knowledge and expertise in the:

  • Program Development
  • Project Planning
  • User Needs Assessment
  • Data Warehouse Architecture
  • Metadata Strategy and Implementation
  • Data Modeling
  • Data Validation and Cleansing
  • Extraction, Transformation, and Loading (ETL) Design and Development
  • Staging Area Design and Development
  • Operational Data Store (ODS) Design and Development
  • Data Warehouse / Mart Design and Development
  • Business Intelligence Application Development
  • Enterprise Information Portals…to learn more, click here
  • Data and System Quality Assurance
  • System Rollout
  • User and IT Training
  • Ongoing Data Warehouse Maintenance

The systems we deliver are capable of integrating the complex inter-relationships that exist between customers, suppliers and business partners. Specific applications include:

  • Customer Service Analytics
  • Financial Analysis, including Consolidation and Forecasting
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Sales and Distribution Analysis
  • Database Marketing
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Inventory Management
  • Enterprise Performance Measurement (EPM)
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Regulatory-Driven Reporting (HIPAA, SEC, EPA, DOL, etc.)

Feedback and Learning – Enterprise Business Intelligence

Business enterprises prosper or fail according to the sophistication and speed of their responsiveness to changing market conditions. In this environment, organizations demand faster information synthesis and more sophisticated analysis. Furthermore, organizations are utilizing technology to unite operational execution with strategic objectives. The need for Business Intelligence thus applies universally throughout the organization. Enterprise Business Intelligence solutions play a critical role in proactively responding to competitive market conditions and coalescing operational execution with high-level corporate strategy.

Enterprise Business Intelligence depends on an integrated information system that facilitates the retrieval, analysis, and manipulation of data across all functional areas. Business Intelligence systems provide the underlying analytical engine by focusing on the access and delivery of business information to end-users. The focal point is the strategic use of information and continuous improvement of the process, rather than the accumulation of data. The right data warehouse and decision support blueprint will:

  • Maximize the Value of Existing Technology Resources
  • Access Vital Data needed to make Strategic Decisions
  • Transform Data into Actionable Information
  • Improve the Accuracy and Timeliness of Business and Customer Data
  • Eliminate Redundancies to improve Efficiencies
  • Discover New Data Relationships and Strategic Information using Data Mining Technologies

In today’s demanding global business environment, effective use of corporate information is not just a competitive advantage, it is a competitive necessity. Whether we’re helping a company use data warehousing to deliver better customer service or implementing a Key Performance Indicators (KPI) system for senior management, Clutchpoint is committed to taking your ideas from vision to implementation.

Data Warehousing / Enterprise Business Intelligence




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